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Survivalism Continues to Gain Popularity

Have you ever been without power for a few hours and been shocked into pondering what was like before modern amenities, only to have those thoughts quickly subside when the electricity flickers back on?  Then again, maybe you've actually been inconvenienced after a severe weather event and suffered without the modern amenities of life for an extended amount of time. 

Either way, you certainly now understand the need to plan for the future.

Survivalism used to be seen as an extremist practice but has moved more into the mainstream in recent years.  A spike in sales by emergency product suppliers, camping retailers and army surplus stores is just one supporting indicator that Americans view this as a necessity of our lives.  Not that we want to ever know what the possibilities are, but it is best to be prepared for abrupt changes in the way we live.

With world-wide unrest and superstitious anxiety about the alleged impending end of the world on the Winter Solstice, known as the 2012 Phenomenon, it is no wonder that prepping for emergencies including survivalist tactics currently dominates many blog comments and message board posts.  Whether we are faced with a 'zombie apocalypse' or dealing with life after a hurricane, it is wise to think ahead and be prepared for major disruptions in the current comfort level of living that is enjoyed.  That planning will give more peace of mind and make the transition much easier during any such event.  

Many people purchasing land, especially remote properties, do so while considering it as a retreat, or 'bug-out' property, for use during any abnormal event where fleeing to an alternate area is necessary.  Those people preparing for such an event are known as survivalists, or 'preppers'.  They realize there are a number of different scenarios which will dictate exactly what will be needed and focus on a few key factors in an attempt to cover most all possibilities.  

It won't be the first thing many think of, but security is at the forefront in the minds of serious preppers.  A close second on the priority list for survival is shelter, both short-term or long-term.  Planning for such events will also include understanding the nuances of water harvesting, food storage, alternative power and first aid.  There are other emergency occasions where you may need to grab things and go.  Bug-out bags are popular items to have handy at home and in each vehicle to sustain a person for an abbreviated period of time.

Most will recall a great deal about these topics from childhood scouting experiences as the Boy Scouts' motto of "Be Prepared" certainly continues to be a worthy mantra.



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