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Cooling Your Home Naturally

Let's face it: It's hot out, and its only going to get warmer as summer goes on. While it's tempting to crank the AC or plant yourself in front of the nearest fan, these aren't the only tricks to keeping cool. It turns out there are plenty of ways to buffer your home from the heat without racking up on your electric bill. 


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Homesteading Tips 2016

Homesteading Tips


Rainwater collection isn’t just a trend for experienced gardeners with established plots, either. According to the survey, about 15 percent of millennials, many with small but efficient urban gardens, report using rain water collectors. One in five of these younger cloud harvesters are located in the increasingly arid West.  A recently published study conducted by The Home Depot found that one in four gardeners is opting to reap the rewards of heavy storms through a variety of rainwater collection alternatives. Whether you do it for its cost-saving aspect, as a self-watering technique, as a way to irrigate an irregularly graded backyard or as a functional work of art, rainwater collection is a simple way to make the most out of your property’s natural resources, while spending very little of your resources—time and money. But, is rainwater collection for you? After reading this guide, you might find the answer is – quite possibly.


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Composting is nature’s way of recycling organic material back into the earth so it can be used again to create new life. Home composting, regardless of how you do it, is a great way to create nutrient rich soil with which you can feed your plants.

Composting can be a complicated process, and to some, it is considered an art form. It is important to know what you can and cannot add to your pile. So with this in mind, we created three lists to help you know what’s okay to compost, what isn’t, and how to overcome some common problems. When you are creating your pile, you will want to create an equal mix of "green" and "brown" compost materials, as mentioned below.

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve dreamed about having fresh eggs from your backyard every morning, but have also had concerns about tending to a whole lot of chickens. Yes, raising chickens takes time and effort, but it is indeed an undeniably satisfying hobby.

Here are some of the basics about raising chickens, so that you know a little about what to expect…

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Alternative Housing Options For New Land Owners

There are numerous choices and products for those that are determined to think 'outside-of-the-box' when it comes to shelter.  For decades, Americans have been in one mindset when it comes to the look and size of homes.  Modern land owners are changing that with a wide array of dwellings being built across the country.  It seems that living small and simple, or at least different than the norm, has become cutting edge.

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Affordable weekend cabin options

Little Cabin SideMany of our customers buy land with the intention of having fun with it now and retiring on it later on. This approach allows them to really get to know the land in all of the seasons, make some trails and pick out the best homesites for a dream home location. The hiccup to this approach is where do you stay when your visiting the property? Some customers have an RV that they can bring with them for the perfect setup but dabbling in the RV world can quickly become expensive (especially if your current vehicles can't pull one). So what do you do if you want an affordable way to stay on your new land? Many people are turning to "portable storage buildings" for an answer. These pre-made, small cabins are a good option for people who just want to get away for the weekend but who don't care to stay in a tent.

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Featured Land For Sale By Owner

Clear Fork Acres Tract 8
Clear Fork Acres Tract 8 Grimsley, Tennessee

5 Acres - Contact us for more info.

Collinwood Tract 2
Collinwood Tract 2 Collinwood, Tennessee

2 Acres - Contact us for more info.

Blowing Cave Rd Tract M
Blowing Cave Rd Tract M Gurley, Alabama

2 Acres with financing- Contact us for more info.

Goose Creek Estates Tract 9
Goose Creek Estates Tract 9 Sunbright, Tennessee

5.95 Acres - This property has a rough driveway cut onto the land. It would need to be cleaned up a bit to be able to get most vehicles on it. There are a few walking paths cleared across the (...)

Cumberland Cove Tract 32
Cumberland Cove Tract 32 Monterey, Tennessee

7.5 Acres - Contact us for more info.

Wilder Acres Tract III-7A
Wilder Acres Tract III-7A Wilder, Tennessee

3.87 Acres - Nice sized lot with power and water on a gravel road in Wilder, TN

Chestnut Way Tract 9
Chestnut Way Tract 9 Gradyville, Kentucky

8.64 Acres - Contact us for more info.

Morning Glory
Morning Glory Oneida, Tennessee

69 Acres, Scott County, TN - If you'd like a large, private, self sustaining tract then this might be one of the best tracts out there. At 69 acres, this property is massive and its unique topology (...)

Poplar Cove Creek Tract 4
Poplar Cove Creek Tract 4 Jamestown, Tennessee

9.12 Acres - Contact us for more info.

Collinwood Tract 5
Collinwood Tract 5 Collinwood, Tennessee

2.05 Acres - Contact us for more info.

Chestnut Way Tract 6
Chestnut Way Tract 6 Gradyville, Kentucky

12.21 Acres - Diversify with land. Protect your family and yourself with an investment in land. In uncertain economic times it is wise to have investments you can actually use. You can't get a much (...)

Falcon Crest Tract 6
Falcon Crest Tract 6 Huntsville, Alabama

Location Location Location and Views Views Views

Paint Rock Creek Tract 7
Paint Rock Creek Tract 7 Huntsville, Tennessee

5.32 acres with massive rock outcroppings, power and great views!

Falcon Crest 57 Acre Tract
Falcon Crest 57 Acre Tract Huntsville, Alabama

57 Acres - Only 20 minutes from Downtown Huntsville, very private, varied terrain and owner financing.

Comby Ridge
Comby Ridge Tazewell, Tennessee

This land consists of 25.93 surveyed acres. The land is just off of Upper Caney Valley Road in Tazewell, TN. This is in Claiborne County just off hwy 25E. The property is mostly wooded and already (...)

Tinch Ford Tract 3
Tinch Ford Tract 3 Allardt, Tennessee

9.72 Acres with power - Near the back of this property is a massive bluff wall. There is a trail that can be made from the top of the bluff to the bottom but it has a ~10' tall portion that will need (...)

Sugar Island Tract A
Sugar Island Tract A Sugar Island, Michigan

9.88 Acres on Sugar Island, Michigan - Land in a very secluded location with road frontage.

Stockton Bluffs Tract 13
Stockton Bluffs Tract 13 Allardt, Tennessee

5.33 Acres - Land with a driveway and views.

Goose Creek Estates Tract 40
Goose Creek Estates Tract 40 Sunbright, Tennessee

5.21 Acres - This tract has some flat areas near the front and has a valley that runs down the rest of the property. You could probably get on to the tract with just some hand clearing at first. The (...)

Goose Creek Estates Tract 42
Goose Creek Estates Tract 42 Sunbright, Tennessee

5.32 Acres - This property has a nice amount of flat land at the front. The property then slopes down and has some nice views off of the back. With some light clearing, this tract would be ideal for (...)

Clear Fork Acres Tract 4
Clear Fork Acres Tract 4 Grimsley, Tennessee

5.03 Acres - Contact us for more info.

Goose Creek Estates Tract A
Goose Creek Estates Tract A Sunbright, Tennessee

5.19 acres ideal for a mini-farm.

Pawpaw Road 2 - Tract 1
Pawpaw Road 2 - Tract 1 Thorn Hill, Tennessee

11.29 acres on Pawpaw Road in Hancock County near Thorn Hill, Tennessee.

Falcon Crest Tract 5
Falcon Crest Tract 5 Gurley, Alabama

4.34 Acres - Perfect owner financed land for building your own mansion with an awesome view for miles. Retreat from the day to your homestead with bluff views outside of Huntsville, AL. This land is (...)

Pleasant Hills Tract 1
Pleasant Hills Tract 1 Tazewell, Tennessee

5.7 Acres with a spring! This property has a leveled spot that would be ideal for a cabin, RV or mobile home.

Goose Creek Estates Tract 32
Goose Creek Estates Tract 32 Sunbright, Tennessee

Goose Creek -Tract 32, is a property with a cleared area that is suitable for campers and tiny homes. This property can also be used for homesteading and farming. It is off grid and if you are (...)

Chestnut Way Tract 8
Chestnut Way Tract 8 Gradyville, Kentucky

5.82 acres - Contact us for more info.

Clear Fork Acres Tract 10
Clear Fork Acres Tract 10 Grimsley, Tennessee

6.14 Acres - Nice owner financed land with plenty of paved frontage, power and water.

Windcrest Drive Tract 23
Windcrest Drive Tract 23 Fentress, Tennessee

Windcrest drive is a small but nice tract. It lays flat, has access to power and water, in a nice wooded area and very close to picket state park and big south fork. This property would be perfect (...)

Goose Creek Estates Tract G
Goose Creek Estates Tract G Sunbright, Tennessee

6.07 off-grid acres with beautiful views.

Goose Creek Estates Tract 13
Goose Creek Estates Tract 13 Sunbright, Tennessee

5.54 Acres - Goose Creek tract 13 has many features to it including a rough driveway leading to a cleared area. This property has plenty of flat land and loads of blueberry bushes on it as well as (...)

Falcon Crest Tract 3
Falcon Crest Tract 3 Gurley, Alabama

3.95 Acres - Nice mountain land off of Blowing Cave Rd with awesome bluff views. Build your dream house on this Alabama owner financed land and have views that will make your friends jealous! Just (...)

Collinwood Tract 6
Collinwood Tract 6 Collinwood, Tennessee

1.91 Acres - Contact us for more info.

Collinwood Tract 10
Collinwood Tract 10 Collinwood, Tennessee

1.88 Acres - Contact us for more info.

Golf Course Lot. Fairfield Glade
Golf Course Lot. Fairfield Glade Fairfield Glade, Tennessee

Golf course lot in Fairfield Glade community. Cul-de-sac lot overlooks fairway of golf course. There is also a stream flowing through this property.

Goose Creek Estates Tract 46+47
Goose Creek Estates Tract 46+47 Sunbright, Tennessee

11.39 Acres - A larger property with nice views. This property is fairly mountainous with some nice features. There is a rocky branch running through the middle of the property with seasonal water (...)


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